Vendor Info and registration

Vendor applications are closed at this time!

Formerly known at the "Privateer Festival," the 15th annual event is now the "Maritime Heritage Festival" to celebrate Fells Point's extensive maritime history.  We are excited to expand our event this year with a larger footprint - Broadway Square onto Broadway Pier - that includes two stages, and an increase in educational demonstrations, tours, and experiences.  Our expanded footprint also allows us to open the event up to more vendors and opportunities.

*Do note that the selection process is juried and vendor applications are subject to committee approval.  Preference will be given to Fells Point brick-and-mortar businesses and outside vendors selling comparable items will not be approved. There are a limited number of food vending opportunities and Fells Point businesses have right of first refusal. We will not accept any beverage vendors and do not allow our vendors to sell alcohol. Preference will also be given to vendors displaying/selling handmade items, nautical themed merchandise, and merchandise with historical reference. Approval from the committee is mandatory.